Biodanza Laa

Biodanza in Laa

19:00 – 22:00

For dates please see our Calendar


We meet  every 2nd and 4th monday in Laa to dance together.

You can join our group at any time!

If you are interested please mail to: Hubertus.Scheidlberger(at)

The combination of joy, movement, vitality, creativity, emotions and feelings, joie de vivre, a lot of rhythm and music will accompany us through the workshop.

The Biodanza system is based on the unique combination of music, movement and feeling. Joie de vivre, creativity, play and sensitivity touch us inside and out. The guided exercises are done alone, in pairs or in a group. The right music will help us with our emotions to immerse ourselves in the here and now. There are no given patterns of movement or forms of behavior. Previous knowledge is therefore not required. “Dancers” and “Dancers” experience the excitement of their inherent access to rhythms and melodies that accompany the exercises and can change their lives. The quality to get involved with something or someone, but also the strength to be able to delineate without hurting the other person. How far can I and can I get involved? Where do I want to take the next step or how can I distance myself considerately? How does this clarity feel in both ways? For joy, clarity, love, self-knowledge and healthy self-definition.